About Us

Al-Karam Publications is dedicated to publishing and distributing books and resources on a wide variety of traditional and contemporary themes, primarily based upon the works of Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada, the founder and principal of Jamia Al-Karam in England, United Kingdom. The written works published by Al-Karam Publications provide material of classical learning in Islam, in light of Qur’anic and prophetic tradition, whilst addressing the modern, global world and appreciating the need for reason and logic, as well as simplicity in expression. Available in different languages and appropriate for various age groups, the published works of Al-Karam Publications represent a valuable resource for teaching and learning, and for individual and general study. Based in the United Kingdom, Al-Karam Publications is appropriately located to serve the world.

The Author

Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada is an established scholar, teacher, orator, educator and author of numerous works. Due to his training in Islamic intellectual and spiritual traditions, his understanding of contemporary norms and his practical proficiency concerning the affairs of the British Muslim community, he is distinctively qualified as a voice of reason and wisdom supplemented with simplicity in expression.

Shaykh Pirzada is gifted with the ability to adjust his academic and intellectual expression to the level of his audience. He conveys complex theological ideas and complicated issues in a comprehensive manner readily accessible to the common person but also beneficial to the scholar alike. As such, he is a meaningful and accessible public intellectual. His written works are available for audiences of different levels from pupils at schools to more advanced learners and researchers.

He has written dozens of books on educational, religious, and contemporary matters in Arabic, Urdu and English. The magnum opus of his works is the first modern exegesis of the Qur’an to be written in the UK, ‘Qur’an: The Sublime Word’, which comprises of 5 volumes. Currently he is working on a 12 volume commentary to the ‘Sahih’ of al-Imam al-Bukhari.

Shaykh Pirzada is founder and principal of Jamia Al-Karam in Retford, Nottinghamshire; founder and chairman of Muslim Charity; helping the needy; and president of the United Kingdom Branch of the World Organization for Al-Azhar Graduates. He is recognised as one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world.